For one week this summer, teachers from 4 countries and around the US are meeting each other at MIT for the 27th annual Science and Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT)!

Since 1989, over 1,200 middle and high school teachers have been selected to participate in SEPT - all recognized as innovative, creative, and dedicated leaders in their schools and communities.  Each year, SEPT teachers attend lectures from top scientists, try out the latest technology developed on campus, and talk shop with an outstanding group of passionate educators - professors, students, researchers, and teachers at sessions together all week long!  Check out these pages with materials from the presentations, tours, and hands-on workshops that took place at SEPT 2016.

SEPT Class of 2016

SEPT Class of 2016
 This year’s group of teachers came from the US, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa.  With more international teachers involved, SEPT extends the mens et menus tradition beyond MIT and US borders, and the program’s participants gain invaluable perspectives from their peers in other countries.

Winners of the 2015 MIT SEPT Design Challenge with the MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory staff

Taylor Tracy, Mariangeles Staffa, Lisa Beckel, Susan Russo, Kathleen Legg, Thomas Bork

NEST 2015 Teacher of the Year

David Iverson (SEPT Class of 2014)