Network of Educators in Science and Technology

For SEPT alumni:  staying connected with MIT and colleagues

The Network of Educators in Science and Technology (NEST) is a member driven organization open to alumni of the MIT Science and Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT). After the successful completion of the very first Science and Engineering Program for Teachers in 1989, its participants organized themselves into the New England Science Teachers, a unique fellowship of teachers who remain linked to MIT and who believe in the importance of its work to promote science literacy. To reflect its national growth, this group was renamed the Network of Educators in Science and Technology.


  • NEST, organizationally and through individual efforts of its members, will engage in endeavors which result in the enhancement of scientific, mathematical and technological literacy.

  • NEST will work to enhance the professional background of, and educational resources to K-12 teachers.

  • We accept the mission of our organization as a personal challenge to support each other in this endeavor and to enlist the cooperation of the community.

Member opportunities:

NEST membership offers the following opportunities to SEPT alumni who pay dues each year (see dues payment information at the bottom of this page):

Annual NEST Reunion at MIT

NEST members are invited back to MIT for a two-day retreat each June - beginning with the McNamara Workshops on the Thursday evening of SEPT and extending through an interactive NEST meeting on Saturday morning. Thurs. evening through Sat. morning of SEPT.

Student Recognition Awards

To encourage and reward student interest in science and mathematics, NEST has created student awards for "science activism" that are presented in a public forum. The awards are based not solely on a student's scholastic achievements, but on the student's outreach into the school and community, and their passion for science. Each NEST member may select one student to recognize. The selected student receives an MIT NEST award certificate and a copy of a book written by an MIT author.

McNamara Workshops

Interested members can submit ideas to lead workshops on the first evening of the NEST Reunion - the Thursday during SEPT week. In the past, presenters have shown their favorite demonstrations or hands-on activities to fellow NEST members and the current SEPT class. Going forward, we're open to new ideas from member proposals!

SEPT Teachers E-mail Discussion List

Alumni of SEPT can subscribe to the SEPT-teachers e-mail list, which alerts subscribers to items of interest, and provides a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and projects among teachers.

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